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Walk the Moon band members

Walk the Moon! Photo credit: Brian Ziff and Billboard

I woke up today reluctantly, shaking the latest crazy dream from my head and snuggling deeper within my warm blankets. I had thought today would be another ordinary Tuesday. Oh, how wrong I would be!

After I got out of the shower this morning, I saw an email come through on my phone with the message “New concert for Walk The Moon” plastered across the front. I thought, “Surely they can’t be coming to St. Louis.” Well, they ARE! One of my favorite bands is coming to the Lou in February 2018, and I’m finally up-to-speed with the news enough to plan for it! Even though small spaces filled with lots of people usually isn’t my scene, I would definitely make an exception to go see this band. I would kick my anxiety to the curb and belt out the words to my favorite songs along with them (I’m looking at you, “Tightrope,” “Work This Body,” “Iscariot,” and “Sidekick“!), jumping up and down like an absolute maniac as their music pulses wildly through my body.

I was feeling pretty awesome knowing that one of my favorite bands is headed to the city in a few months. But then I did some perusing and found out that they’re releasing an all-new album, What If Nothing, THIS FRIDAY! I’ve loved both their self-titled album and their Talking Is Hard album, so I’m over the moon (haha) for this new compilation of songs! Luckily for us all, they’ve decided to give us a few new songs to chew on and appreciate, including “Headphones,” “One Foot,” “Kamikaze,” and “Surrender.”

I already heard “Headphones” on Spotify a week or so ago and was absolutely blown away by the hard-rocking jam the band had thrown down. Today, however, “One Foot” totally dominated. The positive vibes and lovely lyrics, all dressed up in a celestially stunning major key, infused my thoughts and helped me keep my head up. I am in absolute love with the chorus: “Cross my heart and hope to die/Taking this one step at a time/I’ve got your back if you’ve got mine/One foot in front of the other.” My mind was flooded with strong positive imagery: me standing strong hand-in-hand with my dearest friends as we all face our various challenges and obstacles together. The unknown stares us all down with hungry eyes, but with all of us banded together by faith, love, and loyalty, we take the steps we need to together in order to face our fears and come out victorious. We pick each other back up if one of us falls. We hug, give words of support and encouragement, and shoulder each other’s burdens every day. It’s a beautiful symbiosis that I personally treasure and do my best to nurture each day.

Anyway, one of the absolutely coolest parts of “One Foot” is the video. It was filmed during the August eclipse in the ever-beautiful Joshua Tree National State Park. While most of the time we get to watch the band members dance around and play their instruments in the video, we are treated to actual footage that was taken during the eclipse. It reminded me of my own experience on that day and how my body felt when the false sunset fell upon the earth for 2 minutes. Absolutely amazing!

I’m totally stoked for What If Nothing to come out this Friday, and I hope that I get to finally see Walk The Moon in February! AAAAAAHHH!! 😀


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If you know me, you know that I hate summer. It’s my least favorite season of all. I don’t like being hot, and I hate being chased by inquisitive, brave insects (especially those doggone wasps!). Don’t get me wrong, I love having longer periods of light, but I really just hate the hot, sticky days of summer and all those mosquitoes just waiting to bite my poor body.

Instead of grumping the whole time through summer, I try to see the positives. Summer is the time when I can hang out with my friends in a local park while my husband plays onstage with the town’s municipal band. It’s great dress-wearing weather, and I have more ability to walk outside, especially once the sun starts going down (and not freeze, that is).

Music is a super important facet of my life. Oftentimes, songs will evoke certain imagery in my head (and I try to draw them out) or the reverse will happen – an event that occurred while that song or band was playing will imprint itself on the song, and it will always have an association with that song. That’s happened quite a bit, even in the summer.

With that, here are the best 25 summertime songs for me (arranged alphabetically by title):


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