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Credit given to Brawl In The Family

Credit given to Brawl In The Family

For as long as I’ve known, Nintendo and its many fun games have been a huge part of my life. From receiving my very first system when I was a little kid for Christmas (the SNES – had to share it with my big brother) to the endless tournaments and Smash Brothers battles with my friends after college, Nintendo had shaped my childhood and has given me the best friends I could ever ask for.

To say that I was sad to hear that Satoru Iwata had passed away this weekend is an understatement. I’ll admit, though – I don’t know a lot about the behind-the-scenes of Nintendo; I just play the games. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not appreciative of all the hard work, creativity, and ingenuity that Nintendo and its many wonderful people possess. I learned, though, that many of the games I grew up with were thanks, in one way or another, to Iwata-san. Hearing that the person who had his hands in many different games I love had died shook me, my husband, and my many gaming friends.

Last night, I started thinking about all the games that Iwata-san touched and the memories I have because of those games. Here are some of my favorite games/memories:



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Bowser turtle petSome days I wish I had a pet turtle. I have never had one, but I imagine they’d be fun. They’re really cute, they’re relatively easy to care for, and they’re fun to watch. You also more than likely won’t lose them (though weirdly enough, my husband said that his pet box turtle did actually run away from him when he was a kid – go figure!).

Whenever I saw this photo, it just made me want a turtle again! I doubt we’ll ever get one, or at least now, but if we ever do, I want to dress him up as Bowser. 🙂 I mean, c’mon… how cute IS this?! The only acceptable answer is “INSANELY CUTE!”

See how to make the costume yourself here! 🙂

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Oh, man, ain't it the truth! v_v

Oh, man, ain’t it the truth! v_v

I promised you guys a week or so ago that I’d keep you updated with my revisiting one of my most favorite Legend of Zelda games, and well, I’m keeping my promise!

I wound up beating the game again a week or so ago in a few sittings. Here are my favorite moments from the second half of my Zelda adventures.

The gleaming red eyes, that frightening stance... OH, THE HORROR!

The gleaming red eyes, that frightening stance… OH, THE HORROR!

Dark Link – I have to say, the Water Temple used to frustrate me and slightly unnerve me as a kid. Once I figured out where all the keys were hidden (did anyone else forget the key in the basement of the tower in the middle?), it was much more enjoyable. One facet that used to scare the pants off me back in the day was being locked in a seemingly vacant room in the 3rd floor, surrounded by ankle-deep water, one tree in the middle. Little did I know the first time that I would have to face my dark side!

Dark Link really used to creep me out. At first he appears to be nothing but a shadow, but as time progresses, he appears much darker, and his red eyes grow more eerie as they glare at you, calculating and imitating your every move. Here’s the sad part – I totally wasted 2 fairies on this creep, mostly because I was an idiot and forgot to grab Din’s Fire before traversing out into the big bad world.

Frantic for something, ANYTHING that would stop him in his tracks, I abandoned my shield and sword and grabbed the Megaton Hammer and swung away. Yeah, he stabbed me a lot, but I wound up kicking his keister to kingdom come. >=)

Dead HandThat Creepy Well in Kakariko Village – Seeing Kakariko Village in flames for the first time many years ago had shocked and confused me. This time, though, it was just a solemn reminder that I had to get my young butt down to the ominous well to find the Lens of Truth.


I really hate the well with a great passion. I cannot stand going down there, as stupid as it seems. It’s dank, it’s creepy, and it’s full of hidden holes, skeletons, and flying skulls. I can’t tell you how many times I fell down the holes to the basement as a kid. Instead of going around and finding all the different treasures in the well, I decided to just get down to business. I lowered the water level, dropped down to the small entrance I was supposed to enter, and intrepidly opened the door to the boss. After popping the ghostly Dead Hand in the face about 10 times, I finally got the Lens of Truth and scurried on out of the well to face the haunting Shadow Temple.

The Eeriness of the Shadow Temple – I don’t have fond memories as a kid of the Shadow Temple. The very first time I ventured into the Shadow Temple, it was a dark, tempestuous Friday night. My mom had gone to get groceries that afternoon and was still out, so it was just my dad and me at home, though because my dad was alllll the way on the other side of the house watching CNN, it felt as if I was all alone in my dark room playing through this temple for the first time with the savage storms raging around the house.

Returning to the Shadow Temple really wasn’t a big deal to me. I enjoy it much more compared to the well, but to me it still maintained its creepiness. Creeping around in a crypt as a kid unnerved me to no end as the creepy music flooded my ears (I used to blare Genesis when I was younger so I wouldn’t have to listen to the game’s music), but anymore I just thought, “Meh, whatever. I can handle this.” And voila, I did. Onto the next temple!

Sneaking Around and Taking Gerudo Valley by Storm – Ah, Gerudo Valley. This area would’ve been more enjoyable if I came prepared! I was a fool and forgot to stock up on enough arrows, so I frequently found myself running out of arrows. I even went as far as to stun two Gerudo women with my hookshot so I could run and break a jar near them, hoping there would be arrows. And wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I grabbed the arrows, TWEEEEEEEET!!! They caught me. After I grabbed enough arrows, though, domination was a cinch. Oh, yeah!

TwinrovaTwinrova and Iron Knuckle – The Spirit Temple is pretty cool, really. It’s apparently my husband’s favorite temple in the game (mine is the Forest Temple), too. Minus some foolish setbacks (*ahem* the lack of arrows and bombs), the temple was a breeze to get through. I wound up throwing bomb after bomb after bomb (and maybe a bombchu or so) at the Iron Knuckle every time I had to face it, which my husband thought was pretty innovative. >=D Eventually the Iron Knuckles died, and I was left to face Twinrova! Easy peasy, lemon squeezie. Just set phasers to fry (or freeze), and BOOM! They were long gone, left to bicker about which was younger and how heartless the other is as they drifted away from “Sufjan.”

Spanking Ganondorf for the Last Time – Veni, vidi, vici, fools. I stormed the castle, kicked the baddies’ butts, and entered Ganondorf’s room, ready to fight.

"Aren't I sophisticated playing this creepy organ?!"

“Aren’t I sophisticated playing this creepy organ?!”

And he was just… playing the organ. Dude, what the heck? Get off your butt and fight me!

Well, okay, eventually he did after a flouting speech about how I can’t handle the Triforce of Courage and how he demands me to hand it over, blah blah blah. But whatever, I shot him up with my Light Arrows and stabbed him over and over with my Master Sword.

But it wasn’t over! I had to escape his crumbling tower in less than 3 minutes. My husband, who had never beat the game, was panicking a bit (he doesn’t like timed challenges – they stress him out), but I got out of there with over a minute to spare, the princess in tow.

Then came the final battle against Ganon. I remember this fight being so tough as a kid, but it was super simple. Just roll through the legs, stab at his tail, and wait for him to fall for the last time before stabbing him in between the eyes for the last time.

Then BOOM! I beat the game. Again. For the 200th time, it seems.

Now I’m playing Majora’s Mask for the first time, and well… it’s very …. different. I can update you guys about what I think about Majora’s Mask in a while, I guess. Right now I have a killer cold, so I’ve been kinda out of it, so we’ll see! Until then, see ya soon!

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This game totally rules!

This game totally rules!

Sometimes I get in a weird mode in which I want to dig out an older video game system and play some older games. A few months ago, I had dug out my SNES and played games such as EarthBound, Yoshi’s Island, Donkey Kong Country 1-3, Kirby Superstar, and lots more! (I even played a Tetris Attack tournament against some friends and whipped ’em!) Well, lately I’ve had the urge to play N64 games. I’ve already replayed through Mario 64 (obtaining 120 stars, of course!) and Yoshi’s Story, then I took a break.

A few nights ago, I decided to get started on Ocarina of Time again, especially since my husband wants me to play Majora’s Mask afterward (I never was interested in that game when I was a kid – don’t judge!). So off I went!

I created my file, naming my hero SUFJAN after my favorite musician (I’ve never called him Link – booooorrrriiinnng!), and I blew through the “kid part” in maybe 2 hours or so. Emerald Stone? Check. Ruby Stone? Check. Sapphire Stone? Not a problem.

Now I’m 7 years older from coming out of the Temple of Time, and I’m ready to kick some butt!

Last night, I conquered two temples – the Forest Temple and the Fire Temple. Here are some of my favorite moments from those two temples!

1. Fighting the Poe Sisters in the Forest Temple – I’ve always loved the Forest Temple in OoT; it’s probably my favorite temple. I love the music, the setting, pretty much everything! The best part is encountering the 4 Poe Sisters and defeating them, which turns them back into the colored flame that they stole in the center of the temple. The blue one, Beth, is my favorite… mostly because I like the color blue. 😉

Sorry, Ganon, you're so not cool!(Also, I don't know who made this, but that person is totally awesome! Kudos!)

Sorry, Ganon, you’re so not cool!
(Also, I don’t know who made this, but that person is totally awesome! Kudos!)

2. Showing Phantom Ganon Who’s Boss – This guy was only the prelude to my OoT nightmares when I was 10. I would constantly see him take off that fake face of his in my nightmares and see him barreling toward me with that jousting stick of his.  This time, it was time to whomp him! He proved to be no challenge this time, and I defeated him in record time! Unfortunately, I got so excited that I had initially forgotten to take the stupid heart container before I exited so I had to go aaaaaalll the way back to get it!

3. Hearing the Chanting in the Background Music in the Fire Temple – Long ago when I first rented this game, I got to this temple and heard the beautiful, haunting chanting in the background music. Since then, though, every copy of OoT that I’ve encountered, both the copy I bought and the ones I had rented had a crappy alternative to the chanting. I have no idea why, but there it was! I had been in desperate search for a copy of OoT that had the “proper” background music for the Fire Temple. (Edit: I just did a bit of digging and found that the reason the original was removed was because it was used in other games and Nintendo didn’t create it. All I knew when I was 10 was that the chanting sounded beautiful and I loved hearing it.)

Anyway, I played my husband’s copy of the game, which I assume was an earlier copy since it was gold, and after all those years of missing it, I FINALLY got to hear the chanting again! Sad as it seems, it made my night. 🙂

4. Figuring Out a Better Strategy to Defeat the Flare Dancers – Remember those flare dancers? The ugly little black thingies with a red strip of hair that would morph into a fiery dancer and throw flames at you? Yeah, they’re annoying to defeat, aren’t they? Well, instead of chasing after them in a circle or running the opposite direction, I decided to just try to keep getting in front of them so they’d stop and try to flee… and then I released my fury upon them! It cut down the time I needed to defeat them! 😉

Seriously. Those are some killer locks, son!

Seriously. Those are some killer locks, son!

5. Volvagia and Its Flaming Hair – Ah, Volvagia. You were kinda scary when I was a kid. That dragon has some serious locks, though. Sure, they may be fiery and it might singe your skin if it so much as grazes you, but geez! They must be the envy of dragons everywhere. Well, unfortunately for Volvagia, I had totally slain him last night, all the while thinking of Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” (I couldn’t help it!).

I’m hoping to maybe play some more sometime during the weekend, though I have a lot going on with the holiday season and New Year’s, so we’ll see! When I get back to it and get to more temples, I’ll fill you in on the highlights! Until then, keep on gamin’! ^_^

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Aww, but I WANTED snow! :(

Aww, but I WANTED snow! 😦

I guess I should preface by saying Christmas break consisted of Saturday, Sunday, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Not much of a break, but I’ll take it!

My Christmas break was a whirlwind of a time, though, in spite of certain events and circumstances, it was a good time. I got to spend time with my husband and dog and with our families, too. I just wish I had more time! Ah, but that’s the way of the world, is it not? 🙂

Anyway, I actually learned a lot during the break, and some of them were somewhat hard lessons (hard for me, anyway). See if you’ve noticed and learned these lessons, too!

1.) Always double-check your purchases: Holy cow, I can’t stress this enough. I had completed my Christmas shopping on December 8, along with grocery shopping and going to my husband’s nephew’s birthday party (whew!). I was so glad to have gotten all the gifts together for my husband, my family, and his family, including all the nieces and nephews on his side (mine were taken care of in October, go figure!).

Alas, I overlooked ONE THING. Unfortunately, it was for my husband, who would be opening said gift on the 23rd, which is our personal Christmas since we have to travel the next 2 days to see our families.

I had wanted to buy him Paper Mario for the 3DS, and I pretty much thought that I did. I trusted the somewhat distracted Wal-Mart worker had obtained the correct game for me, and I was so happy to have purchased it for my husband.

Of course, the day that I’m wrapping his presents, which is the day before the 23rd, I somehow noticed that I GOT THE WRONG GAME. I had accidentally gotten Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS. Holy crap, how could I have missed that?!

I was beside myself, mostly because I’m a gamer, too, and I should’ve noticed that! But really the coloring on the boxes are peculiarly similar…

This is the game I wanted to buy.

This is the game I wanted to buy.

This is what I accidentally got! >_<

This is what I accidentally got! >_<

See what I mean? Looks eerily similar at a passing glance. Anyhow, I had to go back out that day to return it and get the other one. Luckily, I could go to a Wal-Mart that was closer to me and wasn’t in a location with crazy, foaming-at-the-mouth shoppers. Yay!

Lesson learned: Always, always, ALWAYS double-check before you buy! Triple-check if you must!

2.) Don’t wait until the last minute: I know what you’re thinking. “OMG, procrastination is BAD, IggyNapster. What the heck?! Are you stupid?!”

Of course procrastination is bad! But it’s even worse during the holidays!

If you know you have to be somewhere that day, be sure to get all of the presents together for your recipients well before you leave. That goes for food, too! Wouldn’t it be bad if you drove an hour to your destination only to realize you left your poor, sweet ol’ grannie’s present under your tree?

Needless to say, right when we started to turn onto the interstate on Christmas Day to go to my sister’s house for my family’s Christmas celebration, I yelled, “Crap! We forgot the Doritos!” We only had to burn 3 minutes to go back to get the Doritos instead of driving an hour and realizing you don’t have them.

And yes, my sister would’ve been devastated! She loves Doritos! 🙂

3.) Pace yourself: I’m mostly thinking about food when I write this. With several Christmas celebrations come several times that you will have the chance to eat (or are expected to eat). I know that it’s tempting to just scarf down everything in sight at the first Christmas meal of the day, but try to pace yourself! You don’t want to eat so much that you feel that if your nephew so much as pokes your gut you will explode or vomit profusely.

4.) Cherish your time with your loved ones:  I have to say, I love my family. They can be kinda crazy and frustrating (but that’s any family!), but I really love them, and I love hanging out with them.

And of course, when we’re having a heck of a good time, my husband and I had to leave early to go to Christmas #4 – his dad’s family.

We only got to spend about 3 and a half hours with my family. That includes eating, opening presents, and being spontaneously entertained by my creative nephew with a “talent show,” which consisted of my sister doing the Elaine dance, my singing a spin-off of an Elf “song,” my dog cowering in fear, and my dad being crabby at people (yes, for real!).

I really didn’t want to leave when we did, but I knew that time was short since we had to cover so much distance, and I sadly wound up being in a funk for the rest of the day because I missed them a lot.

5.) Don’t bank on a snow day: So winter storm Euclid was supposed to be visiting us on Christmas night. The Weather Channel was going crazy, saying, “OMG! It’s a winter storm of DOOM! Watch out and beware of snow! You’re gonna get 4 inches! No, 6 inches. Sorry, 8 inches. Nevermind, a FOOT of snow! That’s right – you’re getting a FOOT of snow!”

I went to bed late, excited for a potential snow day. Throughout the night, I woke up thinking that the streets and grass outside were being covered with glorious, white, majestic snow.

When I woke up the next morning, I excitedly poked my head out and saw………… GRASS. And pavement! No white stuff anywhere.

“WHAAAAAT? Where’s the snow?!!?!?!?”

Needless to say, I had to go to work! Dashed were my dreams of working from home wrapped up in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate, cuddling with my puppy, and watching the snow plummeting to the earth. Oh, and I learned later that day that the town 15 minutes away from us got 3 inches of snow, and my friend from college who lives about an hour south got a FOOT of snow! Can you believe that?!

Euclid, I am disappoint. T_T

Euclid, I am disappoint. T_T

Remember to never bank on a snow day. Just go to bed at your normal time and honestly, pretend it ISN’T going to snow. That way you can wake up and be pleasantly surprised if you find snow outside!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and time off with your family and friends! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, too. It means a lot to me! If you learned anything else from Christmas break or whatever, feel free to let me know! After all, knowledge is power! 😉

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