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If you know me, you know that I hate summer. It’s my least favorite season of all. I don’t like being hot, and I hate being chased by inquisitive, brave insects (especially those doggone wasps!). Don’t get me wrong, I love having longer periods of light, but I really just hate the hot, sticky days of summer and all those mosquitoes just waiting to bite my poor body.

Instead of grumping the whole time through summer, I try to see the positives. Summer is the time when I can hang out with my friends in a local park while my husband plays onstage with the town’s municipal band. It’s great dress-wearing weather, and I have more ability to walk outside, especially once the sun starts going down (and not freeze, that is).

Music is a super important facet of my life. Oftentimes, songs will evoke certain imagery in my head (and I try to draw them out) or the reverse will happen – an event that occurred while that song or band was playing will imprint itself on the song, and it will always have an association with that song. That’s happened quite a bit, even in the summer.

With that, here are the best 25 summertime songs for me (arranged alphabetically by title):



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Phil CollinsToday’s Phil Collins’s birthday – he’s 62 years old as of today. In honor of his birthday, I’ve compiled a list of reasons why this singing drummer rocks out loud!

Phil Can Drum and Sing at the Same Time – Seriously. Can you do that? I’ve tried, and I can’t, and I had some training on percussion, too. It’s tough to do! When Phil does it, he just looks like it’s sooooo easy to do! See what I mean here in one of his most famous songs, “In The Air Tonight.”

Phil Knows Some Pretty Sweet Tambourine Tricks –  He makes playing the tambourine look like an absolute art. Back in the day, Phil would always do his tambourine dance routine with the equally awesome band Genesis, whom he drummed (and later sang) for. The scary thing? He can STILL do this routine. Sure, maybe it’s not as deft and crazy, but he can still do it! I know; I witnessed it live in Chicago in October of 2007. 🙂 Here’s his famous dance!

He also likes to keep time with his tambourine by smacking it on poor Mike Rutherford’s head.

Phil Has a Charitable Spirit – He’s known for giving to charity and just in general helping those in need. I remember reading a story once of a girl who wanted to go into dance but her family was super poor, and I think they asked him about it. Sure enough, he gave the girl and her family a heft sum of money to help her realize her dreams. He also founded the Little Dreams Foundation in 2000 to help kids realize their dreams in sports and the arts by providing future prodigies ages 4-16 with financial, material, and mentoring support with the help of experts in various fields. Pretty awesome, huh?

Phil Treats His Fans Pretty Darn Well – This is from personal experience. I have received feedback from him the 2 times I sent things to him. Once was when I was 6 years old, and I wrote a letter to him when I was in a local library’s summer program. We were supposed to write someone we admired, so I chose him! I don’t remember what I wrote… probably just, “I love you. Sussudio is great. I like peanut butter. Bye.” A few months afterwards I found waiting for me in the library an autographed photo of Phil. I was psyched!

Several years later in college, I had the guts to send him some of my artwork I created based on his songs. I didn’t really expect anything back or whatever; I just wanted him to know I exist and that I love his music. A few months later, lo and behold, I got a call from my mom saying that I got mail from London, and when I opened it up, it was a different photo of him at the drums and grinning, and he wrote, “Dear (insert my real name here), Thanks for the drawings! I loved them. Phil.”

I was on Cloud 9! My drumming hero had written me back! And he LOVED my work! 😀

So yeah, that’s why Phil rules. So go celebrate his birthday today! Eat some cake, drum on something, or just listen to his tunes. Or just listen to this amazing drum duet he did with Chester Thompson! Why? Because he’s awesome. That’s why! Happy birthday, Phil! 🙂

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