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Sufjan, will you be my guardian angel? :)

Sufjan, will you be my guardian angel? 🙂

I found this photo the other night and thought I would share it! I really love Sufjan and his music, and I think it’s neat how outside of the box he can be most of the time. One of my favorite things about his quirky personality is probably when he dons angel wings.

Oh, and I’ve been really diggin’ Seven Swans lately, so I’ll probably be writing about that soon, too. And maybe drawing something about it. You have been warned. >=)

Happy Friday! Stay warm out there! 🙂


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Stormy WisconsinAnyone who knows me is well-aware that I am an enormous fan of Sufjan Stevens. No words can truly describe how I feel about the music he writes and what it does to me.

I would’ve passed up this song if I hadn’t heard it again on the way home from Michigan.

My husband put on Sufjan’s first album, A Sun Came!, an album that we really don’t listen to very much, mostly because we’re so enveloped in Sufjan’s other music. My avoidance toward his debut album decreased significantly on the trip. Somehow the serenity of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and northeastern Wisconsin really helped me open my eyes and focus on the music, to see how tribunal and magical it really can be.

As we drove by Green Bay, “Wordsworth’s Ridge” came on, and for some reason I didn’t remember ever listening to that song because I was struck with such a strong case of the goosebumps in the 2nd half that I couldn’t stop the sensation. There was something in that chord progression, the way that Sufjan whispers “takes me” over and over again, and the way the melody seemingly glides along that catches my attention and still to this day won’t let me go. Every time I hear it now I can’t help thinking about that wonderful road trip through Michigan and Wisconsin, and it always makes me think of Lake Michigan and the rainbows that kept popping up in the dying Wisconsin light as we traveled through many storm cells to get to our destination.

Check out his song here and see for yourself if you get goosebumps as badly as I did and still do:

Feel free to leave me a comment about how you liked his tune or which songs give you inspiration! 🙂

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