I REALLY wish I didn’t live so darn far away from Detroit! I would LOVE to get the chance to meet my favorite team. *sigh* I just want to give ’em a hug and maybe a cupcake or something. Is that so much to ask? Oh, well, maybe someday, I hope! πŸ™‚

Comerica Park, 48201

Don’t miss the chance to see your Detroit Tigers up-close on Sunday, June 9 at the Tigers On-Field Photo Day, weather permitting.

Gates open at 11am, and Tigers fans will have the opportunity to come down onto the field at Comerica Park and take photos of their favorite Tigers players as they walk around the outfield, meeting fans.

Although this is not an autograph event, it is a great way for Tigers fans to get an up-close look at their favorite Tigers players.

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You've been photo-bombed!

You’ve been photo-bombed!

A good friend of mine shared this link filled with 20 gifs of hilarious videobombs (as in photobombs but in video form!), and I pretty much died laughing.

If you’re having a bad day, want a good laugh, or are just curious, you should DEFINITELY check these gifs out. If you don’t at least crack a smile, I dare say that you lack a soul! πŸ˜‰ My favorite is probably #2, and I also REALLY like 4, 12, and 14!

Midna sitting next to my "Detroit Tigers" baseball plants. :)

Midna sitting next to my “Detroit Tigers” baseball plants. πŸ™‚

Today is my sweet beagle’s birthday! Midna is now 3 years old today – it’s hard to believe that she’s three already!

Midna was born in a puppy mill three years ago today along with countless other dogs, but luckily, she was rescued by Posh Puppies, a company in St. Louis that is dedicated to saving dogs and finding them “forever homes.” I saw a picture of Midna and her sister online and fell in immediate love, especially with Midna. Her sister, who was a “typical” color of beagle, was already adopted when my husband and I got there the day after I saw them online, which is a shame because I wanted to have “Zelda princess sisters,” haha. But it actually turned out for the best in the end – one beagle is tough as it is!

When we first met Midna, she was timid but loving. She lay on my lap and casually licked my hand as I pet her and held her. She also took to my husband, scooting closer to where he sat and onto his lap. Needless to say, we fell head-over-heels in love and had to adopt her that very day! Within an hour and some paper signing, Midna was finally ours to take home and love on!

Midna right after we adopted her and on her way home! :)

Midna right after we adopted her and on her way home! πŸ™‚

Since the time of her adoption, Midna has really grown into a fantastic little beagle with a vibrant personality. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that she’s a human trapped in a dog’s body and can understand every single thing that we say or that she hears (as she has timely groans of protest and such to whatever we’re saying). She loves to run, take cool walks, and go on car rides and tries to stalk birds, cats, and squirrels but never will bark at a dog or human. Her only reaction toward people is nothing but unabashed, unbridled happiness. Whenever my parents, my in-laws, or my friends come over to see us, Midna will whine like mad and sometimes howl with joy and give them a ton of kisses whenever she sees them, and eventually, she will wind up curling up and sleeping by that person on the couch or on the ground by them. She is very much a “people dog” and doesn’t care to be left alone, especially for a long time. When I’m home, it’s typical of her to go for a walk with me every day, try to play with me (and subsequently NEVER give up her toy, no matter how much I tug!), and curl up beside me on the couch while I read, play Nintendo, write, draw, or do anything else.

This dog is my best friend, and I know that I could never live without her. I’m so glad we got her almost 3 years ago and that she was rescued in the first place. Though she has been challenging at times, especially to potty train, she is an absolute joy to have around! I hope that she will live a long and happy life with us!

Happy 3rd birthday, beagle baby! πŸ˜€

(And yes, Midna is named after the Twilight Princess, Midna, in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – one of my favorite video games! Much like the character in the game, Midna is a pretty vociferous little pup. ;))

Havoc the Swift FoxI saw this adorable photo of Havoc, a sweet swift fox, on the Endangered Wolf Center’s Facebook page, and I can’t stop smiling! It makes me miss the wolf center even more.

The center has been closed to the public since the very beginning of April for breeding season, and it won’t reopen its doors until Wednesday, June 19. After that, visitors can make very easy reservations to see these beautiful animals on a tour, throw yummy treats to them during an Enrichment Experience, or even howl with them during the center’s many different kinds of wolf howls (ranging from Wine and Cheese to Ice Cream to Campfire, and many more!).

I really can’t wait to go back and visit the wolves and swift foxes! I’m even taking my best friends with me, too, so they can check ’em out and enjoy the place as much as I do! πŸ™‚

Great White SharkI don’t know who took this (and apparently no one else does either), but this person is seriously awesome.

A coworker, who also loves sharks like I do, saw this photo and article and shared it with me, so I thought I would share it with you all!

I know if I saw this happen in front of me, I would be awe-struck and full of wonder. I would probably also faint and find out that I soiled myself. Just saying!

Check it all out here! πŸ™‚

Isle Royale and the Milky WayIt’s amazing what perspective can do.

Sometimes our troubles seem like the biggest, most insurmountable things in our lives, like they’re the only things that exist and that matter. So often we can get so wrapped up in our own world – our victories, our trials and sorrows, our weight-loss progression and just how many calories we’ve consumed during lunch, that guy in front of you who’s going just a few miles under the speed limit and won’t get over. Sometimes we can let our worries and frustrations get the best of us, letting them overwhelm us and totally consume us.

In times like these, we all need some perspective. The world is so much bigger than us and our worries. And yes, the world IS exquisite, beautiful, and an awe-inspiring work of art.

I saw this video today of the northern lights and stars that are visible in Northern Michigan (I’m talking about mostly the Upper Peninsula), and I thought, “Well, this will be a nice little clip to see, I guess.” I had no idea how much it would affect me. It made me forget all of my problems, and it took me out of my little world and made me wake up a little bit, reminding me that my fears and problems are nothing in comparison to the majesty of the world. I was stunned. And, of course, I wished so badly that I could just pack my bags and head up north.

If you can spare a few minutes, please check out this amazing video put together by Shawn Malone, which showcases the stunning beauty of the world and universe that God created. It’s so unreal; I just can’t get over the sheer beauty and magnitude of the world! Enjoy!! (And be sure to check out the guy’s amazing photography as well!)

North Country Dreamland from LakeSuperiorPhoto on Vimeo.

Folks, you're not in Greenland!

Folks, you’re not in Greenland!

Perhaps I should say that Lake Michigan just becomes more amazing and gorgeous in my own eyes. I learn something new about it almost every day; that beautiful body of water always amazes me!

You’ve probably heard me talk about my fervent love for the Great Lake and why it steals my heart away every single time. The colors, the peaceful waves, the feeling of the water lapping over my body – I mean, how could it NOT sweep me off my feet? You probably know about the giant waves that happen sometimes in the lake or that it can freeze over in the winter and you can even bike on it when it’s frozen.

But I never really expected to see ICEBERGS in Lake Michigan!

That’s right – ICEBERGS.

Just check out these amazing photos of these various icebergs from The Scoop Newspaper to see what I mean. I put my favorite one in this blog post, but goodness, it just keeps getting more and more mind-blowingly awesome! What I wouldn’t do to live by that beautiful body of water! πŸ™‚

Comerica Park, 48201

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